Treasure Coast Aquatics Lake Management Projects

Below are photos from Treasure Coast Aquatics Lake Management Projects. The typical area of the ponds we manage is less than 5 acres, but we also service larger lakes, as well. No matter what your project, we can customize the service to match your needs, unlike some larger management companies that only offer a one-size-fits-all approach. For a healthier environment Treasure Coast Aquatics utilizes biological control methods whenever possible in our lake management programs. Biological control methods include the use of fish, snails, enzymes and plants to help with the control of algae and weeds in your lake.

Coastal Arrowhead

Water lilies

Eleochris and water lilies

Wetland shelf containing Eleocharis

Coastal Arrowhead flower

Band of Eleocharis along a lake perimeter

Lake with the addition of lake dye

Wetland shelf containing Eleocharis and Arrowhead

Pond with the addition of lake dye

The natural look with a mix of native species.

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