Fish Stocking

Part of the philosophy of Treasure Coast Aquatics is to use natural biological agents to help manage your lake whenever possible. The use of biological controls have been used for centuries. They offer an natural and economical solution to lake management in some cases.
Help to control Mosquitoes in lakes and ponds
Used to help the control of algae
Red Ear Sunfish or Shell Crackers (Lepomis Microlophus)
Used to help control Midges and other insects as well as for sport fishing
Large Mouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus)
Sport fishing
Apple Snails ( Ampullariidae)
Used to help reduce the organic material on the lake bottom.
Stocking of Tilapia into a lake
White Amur - Grass Carp
This weed eating fish is used to help control certain submersed and floating weeds.
This fish is sterile and will not affect other fish populations in the lake.
These fish are used for esthetics in smaller ponds
Fish Habitat
Designed to give structure to the lake bottom for increased fish production

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